Simiskina + Xavier Quérel


Adrian Myhr - electric bass

Jonas Cambien - analog synths and electronics

Xavier Quérel - 16mm movie projector and lights


next tour dates:

30th sept - 6th oct 2019 (now booking)

contact / booking: jonascambien(at)hotmail(dot)com



Simiskina is a duo consisting of two young players from the Norwegian scene for improvised music.

Their first album was released on CD and vinyl on the Portuguese label Clean Feed.   The Norwegian Jazz Magazine Jazznytt called the album 'some  of the best you can find in Norwegian improvised and free music.'

This entirely acoustic album consists of  10 minimalistic improvisations with multiple layers of ever changing rhythmic patterns, performed on prepared piano and double bass.

Simsikina is now performing its music on analog synthesizers, electronics and electric bass, and teaming up with french film maker and visual artist Xavier Quérel, known from the audiovisual noise-collective Metamkine. Xavier is included within Simiskina as a sort of third musician, working with images instead of sound. He is using a 16mm film projector, and different techniques to manipulate image and light, to improvise a film which is projected on a small screen, resulting in an intimate screening in dialogue with Simiskina's music.


Adrian Myhr - electric bass


Adrian Myhr is a bassplayer (double bass and electric bass) from Trondheim, currently living in Oslo. He plays in bands like Oker, Bansal Band, Dr. Kay & his Interstellar Tone Scientists, ComboNations, Javid Afsari Rad Ensemble, Torg, DaMaNa & Myhr/Doneda. He also does concerts with his solo project. As a musician he is interested in exploring the sound possibilities of his instruments and is constantly working on making his sound vocabulary larger. He plays different genres and feels comfortable playing everything from free-improvised music to jazz, world music and pop.

Adrian Myhr holds a Master degree from the Norwegian Academy of Music.

Jonas Cambien  -  analog synthesizers and electronics


Jonas Cambien is a Belgian pianist and improviser, active on the Norwegian scene for improvised and contemporary music since he moved to Oslo in 2008.

Jonas Cambien leads his own trio, which released its debut-album ‘A Zoology of the Future’ on the portuguese label Clean Feed Records.

He has also released albums within Platform (Vafongool 2015, Clean Feed Records 2017) and Karokh (Loyal Label 2015, No Forevers 2016), with whom he performs regularly in Norway and abroad. He also performs solo and within Aksiom, an Oslo-based ensemble for contemporary music.

Xavier Quérel  -  16mm movie projector and lights


Grenoble based filmmaker, Xavier Quérel is active in different fields of experimental cinema, focusing on performance with light and film. Quérel considers the cinema projector as an instrument. Applying his experience in improvisation, he has developed specific techniques and ingenious manipulations allowing him to play with the spontaneity of a musician. He plays with "La Cellule d'intervention METAMKINE", improvised film/music performance, with Jérome Noetinger and Christophe Auger. He co-founded "L'Atelier MTK", a collective ‘handcraft’ cinema laboratory. Among others, he has played with Michel Doneda, Le Quan Ninh, Jerome Noetinger, David Chiesa, Thomas Lehn, Xavier Charles, Filmmakers, Greg Pope, Christophe Auger, Gaelle Rouard, Rio Jim… Dancers, Celine Perroud, Nathalie Chazeau, Laure Terrier…


Release Date: November 2017

Format: LP / CD

Personnel: Adrian Myhr double bass | Jonas Cambien piano

Recorded by Jonas Cambien at the Norwegian Academy of Music | Mixed by Johnny Skalleberg at Amper Tone | Mastered by Christian Obermayer at Strype Audio

Produced by Simiskina | Executive production by Pedro Costa for Trem Azul | Design by Travassos

Track List:

1) Hi | 2) Up | 3) Do | 4) Ex | 5) On | 6) Go | 7) We | 8) If | 9) It | 10) Or

All music by Simiskina

''The elegance and complex delicacy of contemporary classical music and the drive and energy of jazz-rooted improvisation cross characteristics in the very special duo formed by Belgian-born, but residing in Oslo, pianist Jonas Cambien and the Norwegian double bassist Adrian Myhr. A member of the chamber music ensemble Aksiom, Cambien can develop tachycardic and jumping lines like the ones we heard from Thelonious Monk and Cecil Taylor with the same naturality he takes us to the intrincate universes of Ligeti and Messiaen. And if his hands seem to melt over the keyboard, the moving preparations he proceeds when dealing directly with the guts of the piano are no less intriguing than the ones proposed by Benoît Delbecq or Denman Maroney. Myhr has a similar relationship with his instrument, using it as a laboratory of investigation, without forgetting its history outside the orchestral format. Listening to their respective performances with the bands Platform and Karokh (Cambien) and with music explorers like Tobias Delius, Axel Dorner and Tony Buck (Myhr) makes us understand – even before clicking in the Play bottom which drops us inside “Simiskina” – the motives for this encounter. Free improvised music few times seemed so focused, so clean of superfluous elements and so exquisite than in these selection of pieces. A must have, must listen.''